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Image is of artistic renderings of four student portraits. From left to right: female student's face and features are shades of pink and purple with a white background, male student's features are shades of blue with a white background, female student's features are shades of pink with a green background, and female student's features are shades of blue with a white background.


If you are experiencing any accessibility issues or having trouble accessing information or content on our website, please contact Evelyne Torres at 5201 Virginia Way, Suite 100, Brentwood , TN 37027 or via email at or phone number at 615-862-3819.

We are committed to making sure our information is accessible to all, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

Accessibility Report: April 18, 2018

During the creation of our website, which uses the same theme as our Ombudsman Arizona Charter Schools site, we engaged a professional accessibility consultant who scanned this site specifically to identify any issues with the accessibility of the theme’s code base and then provided a report to us itemizing all issues. Based on that report, we addressed all issues identified during that scan, either repairing them immediately, adding them to our development queue for future implementation, or confirming that they do not present a barrier to accessibility.

We then performed a secondary quality assurance scan using the WAVE Accessibility Browser Extension. We resolved low-contrast errors wherever possible. We are aware of the issues with the colors and color contrast used on our site. To avoid any barriers to accessibility presented by our brand’s color palette, we have installed the WP Accessibility Helper plugin, which provides users with the option to change the font size, color contrast, background color, and more.

Finally, we reviewed all images in use and added descriptive text to all images’ alt-text tags.

Ongoing accessibility efforts

This site to use the WP Accessibility Helper plugin on an ongoing basis to improve accessibility site-wide, and we make a concerted effort to offer descriptive, useful alternative text on all images used on this site whenever new content is posted.

We are aware that the Google Translate widget in our footer may not be fully accessible. We anxiously await updates from Google, and as soon as they are released, we will implement them here.

Currently, we are focused on adding closed captioning to our YouTube videos and improving the accessibility of downloadable .pdf files, with an expected completion by the end of 2018.

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