Community Advisory Council

Ombudsman Chicago engages with the community to support our students, families and the communities we serve through addressing their needs and providing access to services.  A key component to our community engagement is the Community Advisory Council.

Advisory Council Mission

The Council is made up of community leaders who have a shared mission to serve the community through lending their time, expertise and resources to better the opportunities for students in Chicago.  The Advisory Council meets quarterly with Ombudsman Chicago leadership to discuss current initiatives, school and community needs, access to resources and share insight to improve our effectiveness.

Advisory Council Focus

The Community Advisory Council is currently focused on five key areas of Education, Employment, Career/Occupational Training, Health/Wellness and Social Services and Recruitment and Retention.

We truly appreciate the work of these individuals, their organizations and the community for supporting our efforts.

Council Officers

Gernel Turner

Metropolitan Family Services, Council Chair

Makeda Coutee

St. Anthony’s Hospital, Vice Chair

Nedra Johns

Senator Van Pelt’s Office, Secretary

Sub Committees

Diane Brandon

City Colleges of Chicago, Education

Mark Sanders

North Lawndale Employment Network, Employment

Nedra Johns

Senator Van Pelt’s Office, 5th Legislative District, Occupational and Vocational Training

Dr. Valencia Green

Healing Hands Resource Center, Health, Wellness and Social Services

Debbie Blair

Interim Committee Chair, City of Chicago, Recruitment and Retention