4 Star Chicagoan: Gyrls in the H.O.O.D. | Ombudsman Chicago (VIDEO)

On Windy City Live’s news segment, “4 Star Chicagoan”, Ombudsman Chicago was mentioned by one of our community partners. Chez Smith, founder of “Gyrls in the H.O.O.D.” explained the new mentoring program with Degrees before Diapers that will be starting at Ombudsman Chicago in November. The new partnership is mentioned around 5:40.

Description of the segment: “This week’s 4 Star Chicagoan, Chez Smith, stopped by to tell us how she is helping adolescent girls excel academically, professionally and socially despite their environment. Chez founded “Gyrls in the H.O.O.D.” to create a safe space where inner city teens can be educated on reproductive health, sexually transmitted infections, birth control and more. H.O.O.D stands for Healthy, Optimistic, Outstanding, and Determined.”

Original Link: https://abc7chicago.com/gyrls-in-the-hood-windy-city-live-hood-chez-smith/2516351/