More than 225 students graduate from Ombudsman Chicago

2018 Ombudsman Chicago graduates sitting in a group in red caps and gowns

From ABC7 News:

On Friday night, at Austin College and Career Academy, more than 225 students graduated from Ombudsman Chicago’s three campuses around the city.

Students around Chicago are celebrating graduation and looking forward to a brighter future.

“This diploma is the start of how great my future will be.  It is also a start in proving to everyone who ever doubted me and said I would be nothing.  I am something.” ~Ombudsman Chicago Graduate

Students at the Ombudsman Alternative High School celebrated their own graduation ceremony tonight.  More than 225 are graduating from the three alternative high school campuses around the city.  Administrators say graduation rates have been steadily increasing and administrators say that is making a positive effect on the community by giving at-risk African Americans a positive path and way forward.