Ombudsman Chicago Launches ‘City Streets Music Sounds’ – New Music Club for Students 

Ombudsman Chicago launched a new music club for students called ‘City Street Music Sounds.’ The club is offered at the Chicago West and South campuses and gives students the opportunity to create and produce their own music. 

Students who participate in City Streets Music Sounds will benefit by learning the history and trends of music production, developing basic skills in audio production, and ultimately have the opportunity to generate original songs. The new music club includes a 10-week curriculum with hands-on instruction, where students will learn standard musical terms, define and perform musical beats through the use of audio equipment, and master techniques in song composition.  

“After two years of development, the music program is the light for our students at the end of the tunnel. [We] will meet our students on the road to their talent and explore gifts to create music, studio engineering, writing, performing arts, and explore their talent skills. We are looking forward to seeing our students at the Grammys.” -John Scott VP Business Development and Government Affairs  

The program launched in February 2022, and Ombudsman Chicago students and staff are excited for the opportunities this club will bring. 

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