Ombudsman Chicago Celebrates 2016 Graduating Class

Ombudsman Chicago Graduation

This summer brings new beginnings and exciting opportunities for nearly 230 students who have earned their Chicago Public Schools high school diploma through Ombudsman Chicago. To celebrate the academic achievements of the Class of 2016, family and friends attended a commencement ceremony for students from Ombudsman’s three Chicago locations.

“In our third year in Chicago, we are proud to announce that each and every one of our graduates received an acceptance letter from St. Augustine College on the day of graduation,” said Dr. Chaun Johnson, senior principal, Ombudsman Chicago. “This means 100% of our graduates will be accepted to college.” One of the school’s proud moments was at Ombudsman Northwest, as principal Moses Tighilpresented Dupres Pina with the President’s American Citizenship Award, for making a positive contribution to his school and community. Pina recently joined the Navy.

Ombudsman specializes in offering out-of-school and off-track students a second chance at achieving academic success. To learn more: For media inquiries, contact Brinton Flowers, Flowers Communications Group at312.228.8821 or