Ombudsman Chicago Sets The Standard With Inaugural Graduating Class (Chicago)

June 09, 2014

“The path to graduation has been wrought with obstacles for many of our students,” said Dr. Chaun Johnson, Principal, Ombudsman Chicago. “Our graduates are proud of what they have achieved and they have been very vocal in letting us know that Ombudsman played a key role in helping them reach their goals.”

Ombudsman opened two dropout recovery Options School centers (Northwest, 7500 N. Harlem & West, 2401 W. Congress) in Chicago last year offering teens a second chance at achieving academic success and building a bright future. The learning environment is a blended model, involving teacher-lead instruction supported by computer-assisted learning. Students work toward CPS diplomas on a customized schedule tailored to their academic needs, and each individual’s course work is aligned with Chicago Public Schools’ graduation requirements.

The students of this graduating class consisted of some students who completed their coursework at an accelerated pace. “Our students are doing more than just getting back on track, they are building faster and with more urgency.” Said Samuel Brown, Assistant Principal, Ombudsman Chicago.

This first graduating class for Ombudsman consisted of 32 students. Graduates wore maroon colored gowns and smiling ambitious faces.

Nafis Maddox, 19, one of the top graduates out of this class, overcame an expulsion from Hubbard High School and got his second chance at Ombudsman. “No matter what is ahead of you do not give up. Success is created out of your image. However, you must be lead by people who are successful images and that is what my teachers were to me at Ombudsman.”

By Alexander Stockstell

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