Student Profile: Jeanette Dulzo (Downers Grove, Ill.)

Jeanette is a sophomore from District 87.

OES: Remind me when you joined us this year.

JD: It was late October.

OES: Yes, now I remember. How has your year been going?

JD: It’s better than I thought it would be. I thought the rules would be very strict and annoying but it’s really just common sense.

OES: Did you find working on the computer to be difficult?

JD: No, I’m real good with computers. I’m good in school. I can read fast. I’m a pragmatic thinker. And I don’t miss homework.

OES: Is there an aspect of the program you really like?

JD: I really like being able to work at my own pace. I know teachers at my other school had to try and balance all different kinds of students. Now I can work at my own pace. But if there is something I don’t get, I can work through it until I do.

OES: What’s your favorite subject?

JD: English. I’ve always liked English.

OES: What’s the most difficult?

 JD: Math. But Mr. Sepke will help me if I need it. I like the whole one on one thing.

OES: What do you miss about your district school?

JD: At first I missed my friends. But I’ve learned they were not really my friends after all.

OES: Any thoughts yet about life after high school?

JD: I would like to either attend the Art Institute of Chicago and study Graphics and Game Design or become a small animal vet.

OES: If you knew someone who was going to join our program, what would you tell them about Ombudsman?

JD: I thought it was going to be a bad experience but it’s not like that at all. I get more done here in three hours than I did all day at school plus I had home work. You get all the help you need and more!