North Harlem Graduation (Chicago)

Ombudsman Chicago Faculty Members and Student

The North Harlem Center graduation ceremony was a great event. The center was packed with proud parents and family of the OES graduates.

Teachers had students write up short essays about the time they spent in the center and when students came up for their diploma cover, Mr. Thompson read their essays.

The words to describe the time in the center were very meaningful and encouraging.  One student wrote, “Ombudsman was the second chance I felt I had lost when I dropped out of high school.”  Another wrote, “Acceptance is what comes to my mind… Ombudsman does not judge you for your past; they guide you into your future.”

The picture to the left is of Adrian Starbuck, with Mr. Thompson and Mr. Weber. Adrian was enrolled in our program for four years, and he appreciated the time he was with us.

He was chosen to give a short speech at the ceremony. “I couldn’t be more happy with the way my high school experience turned out. I will always be thankful for everything my teachers have done for me, they helped me to reach my potential. This day is bittersweet for me, I am happy to graduate, but sad to leave this center,” said Starbuck.

Overall, this was a fantastic end to a school year. I was very impressed with all the nice things the parents and students had to say about Ombudsman and the staff.  I think Charlie Maslak summed it up best, “This may be a small room, but big things happen here!”

– Nicole Walker
Operations Manager IL/MO