Operation Graduation Essay: “If it wasn’t for this program, I would not have graduated from high school.” (Chicago Northwest)

Graduates throwing hats

During my time at Ombudsman, I have learned a lot. Especially with my problem doing some of my math equations, if it wasn’t for this program I would not have graduated from high school.

Earning my diploma means getting on with my life, achieving my goals and wanting to make a good future for myself. Now that I have done this I can finally head to college and start thinking of a career, so far I’m clueless on what I really want to do. But I know once I start attending college I can always ask my professors.

My plans are going to college in the late spring or summer and start majoring in a History class. I want to experience college life with my friends and met new people. Now I can really start thinking about what I want to do in my life. And new opportunities will flutter my way.

The Ombudsman staff actually care about what happens to us education wise, however in a normal high school, most teachers only care about that paid check. I liked the fact that they sit us down and fully explain stuff we don’t get, and help us solve a difficult question. My personal opinion, Ombudsman actually helps me learn (and not from a 5 page packet).

I’d say the best way to improve this program is to have it all over the Chicago area, because some student travel really far just to come here and back.