Image is of students standing in a line in their graduation caps and gowns.

Ombudsman Chicago’s first graduating class (Chicago)

Tue., Jun. 10, 2014 12:00 PM EDTby Yvette Caslin More than 20 graduates from the Ombudsman Chicago program were recognized for their academic achievements during a commencement ceremony at Holy Trinity High School. What is Ombudsman Chicago? Chicago Public Schools partnered with Ombudsman Educational Services to open two Chicago-area dropout recovery options school centers during

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Image is of student kneeling on stage at the front of an auditorium.

Reversing Cycle of Teen Unemployment (Chicago)

Truth B Told | EDUCATION NATION Special Correspondent: B. Flowers A Chicago Public Schools Options School (not a charter), Ombudsman Chicago opened in August 2013 and offers teens a second chance at achieving academic success while preparing them for continuing education and a career. The Ombudsman Chicago youth employment initiative was created through a partnership

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De Anna Leonard

West Side alternative school means a second chance (Chicago)

05/08/2014 There is no shortage of news accounts about young Black students, particularly in urban areas dropping out of school. One West Side school is registering stories about students dropping in. The CPS Ombudsman Program, 2411 W. Congress Pkwy., is helping students who have dropped out, for whatever reason, complete their educations. The school, in

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Operation Graduation 2013: Jake Gordon (Lombard, Ill.)

Ombudsman has been the key to getting my diploma. Without the opportunity of coming to Ombudsman, I would have only been able to get a G.E.D. and hope for the best in the future. But now thanks to Ombudsman and its caring and dedicated teachers, I can proudly say that after a long struggle I

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Operation Graduation 2013: Jeff Morrow (Chicago)

It takes four years to get a high school diploma in most cases. It takes another two-four years to get a degree in a field of study. Tell me why Ombudsman has made me into a better person, tell me why I got to work at my own pace (which is faster than most) and

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Student Profile: Jeanette Dulzo (Downers Grove, Ill.)

Jeanette is a sophomore from District 87. OES: Remind me when you joined us this year. JD: It was late October. OES: Yes, now I remember. How has your year been going? JD: It’s better than I thought it would be. I thought the rules would be very strict and annoying but it’s really just

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Ombudsman Chicago Student with Certificate

Ombudsman Congratulates Retirees (Dundee, Ill.)

Donna Hornsby and Mary Stover Ombudsman is proud to honor three outstanding educators who will be retiring at the end of this school year. Lou Gaeding has worked with Ombudsman for more than 17 years, Mary Stover has worked with Ombudsman for more than 15 years, and Donna Hornsby has been with us for more

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