Become your dream

Operation Graduation 2015: Destiny Wright (Chicago)

Determination to overcome life’s obstacles is echoed by 20-year-old West Side native, Destiny Wright. When Destiny came to Ombudsman in September 2014, she had only 4.5 of the 24 credits needed to earn a CPS high school diploma. Losing her father and two other family members within a very short time frame was more than

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Christmas with Family and Friends

Operation Graduation 2015: Ivan Torres (Chicago Northwest)

A good old friend of mine brought me to Ombudsman. His name is Tommy Hack, and it all happened by fate as it seemed that I talked to him about school. It started on a snowy winter day right after New Year. My parents were on vacation in Mexico and they left me all alone

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Be brave

Operation Graduation 2015: Elijah Hamilton (Chicago)

For many Ombudsman students, the journey to receiving their diploma has been complicated. West Side native, 18-year-old Elijah Hamilton, stopped going to school twice and attributes a large portion of his success in overcoming life’s obstacles to the support system he found at Ombudsman. “I initially dropped out because I was tired of all the

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Operation Graduation 2013: Jake Gordon (Lombard, Ill.)

Ombudsman has been the key to getting my diploma. Without the opportunity of coming to Ombudsman, I would have only been able to get a G.E.D. and hope for the best in the future. But now thanks to Ombudsman and its caring and dedicated teachers, I can proudly say that after a long struggle I

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Operation Graduation 2013: Jeff Morrow (Chicago)

It takes four years to get a high school diploma in most cases. It takes another two-four years to get a degree in a field of study. Tell me why Ombudsman has made me into a better person, tell me why I got to work at my own pace (which is faster than most) and

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Operation Graduation 2012: Reka Dagen (Hillside, Ill.)

When I graduate from high school I plan on attending college in the downtown area of Chicago. I was formerly student at Proviso East and was transferred to the Ombudsman program. Now I am more than capable of graduating. Since I’ve been here, I have become a better person. My schedule is more flexible, so

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Ombudsman Chicago Faculty Members and Student

North Harlem Graduation (Chicago)

The North Harlem Center graduation ceremony was a great event. The center was packed with proud parents and family of the OES graduates. Teachers had students write up short essays about the time they spent in the center and when students came up for their diploma cover, Mr. Thompson read their essays. The words to

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