Ombudsman Chicago Families - Alternative Schools
Graduate holding balloons and diploma with family - all smiling at camera

Families of Ombudsman Chicago Students

Ombudsman Chicago recognizes the important role of family members in a student’s life and includes them in each student’s program.

No matter what kind of family structure surrounds a student—two parent household, single parent household, parenting teens, a grandparent who is head of the household—Ombudsman Chicago works with each student and his or her family to ensure success.

Family members are important participants in the enrollment and intake processes, and they’re included in meetings at the alternative school so they can learn the requirements of earning a CPS high school diploma – and support their student in meeting them.

Monthly activities, as well as parent groups, are held at each campus to provide opportunities for parents to be involved and receive needed services.

In addition, we always encourage feedback from parents and family members. Click to access our Parent and Community Feedback Form.

Family/Student Enrollment Inquiries | (312) 806-9022