Student Resources - Ombudsman Roseland Chicago Schools
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Student Resources

Ombudsman provides Student Services to help our students feel valued, respected, confident, connected and successful.  Our team of counselors, social workers, mental health professionals and at-risk mentors are dedicated to enhancing your personal growth.
  • Our schools provide STLS supports and connect students with resources in and outside of school to meet their needs.  See your STLS school liaison to get connected to these supports and services.
  • Our Post Secondary Counselors provide students with supports and opportunities to explore their goals for education and employment.  Monthly college and career fairs provide access to an array of career paths.  Students can also participate in college and trade school field trips to further explore their opportunities.  Assistance with financial aid and scholarships is also available.
  • Ombudsman partners with a Mental Health Organization to provide individual counseling and supports.
  • The At-Risk Mentors at each school work with students and families to address barriers to daily attendance, coordinate supports and make daily contact with families to ensure students success.
  • Every student at Ombudsman has a Champion that they meet with weekly individually and in small groups to discuss progress, celebrate success and provide a supportive environment for each student.

Family/Student Enrollment Inquiries | Roseland (773) 941-6674