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Meet the Faculty

Audrey Blinstrup's headshot in black leather top and red shirt.

Audry Blinstrup


Samantha Alvarado

Lead Teacher

Rania Hahn

Lead Teacher

Ossy Simmons

Culture and Climate Coordinator/Athletic Director

Margaret Chriss

Data Specialist

Michael Agina

Math Department

Jihong Tian

Math Department

Lander Hill

Science Department

Joshua Travis

English Department

Carlos Ocon

History Department

Bekir Veletovac

History Department

Ivory Myles

Senior Academy

Chrishawn Johnson

Senior Academy

Paris Holeyfield

Junior Academy

Mariana Morales

Post-Secondary Counselor

Janet Wilson

Post-Secondary Counselor

William Dezynski

Social Worker

Robert Kulanda

Social Worker

LaTonya Hazelwood

Cadet Adacemy

Jaciel Henry

Cadet Academy

Tanika Manning

Instructional Asst.

Bria Polk

Leticia Hernandez

Isaiah Myles

Steve Alexander

Fatimah Muhammad

Dawn Wyckoff

Kandace Qaiyim

Whitney Bates

Brandi Miner

Patrick Keller

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