Student Services - Ombudsman Chicago Options School Program
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Student Services

Special Education

Ombudsman’s goal is that all students are successful in the classroom. We provide diverse learners with specialized instruction or supports such as psychological and nursing services to meet 504 and/or IEP goals. Please contact your school if you’d like more information.

Truancy Prevention

We have an entire team dedicated to helping students come to school every day.

When students sign in each day, they’re welcomed by a staff member. We call or visit students who aren’t in school and we work with them and their families to provide uniforms, transit passes and social supports if those factors are affecting attendance. The opportunity to participate in extracurricular activities and events helps motivate students to come to school.

English Language Learners

Ombudsman students represent several different language groups such as Spanish and Polish, and students with varying levels of English proficiency. We focus on building language skills for students whose English may be limited and we support them as they work through and learn the content they need to know. Please contact your school for more information.


Ombudsman works with all students, regardless of individual differences, to acquire the academic and social-emotional foundations necessary to positively contribute to a changing society. Our schools provide resources such as mentoring, parenting groups, small group and individual counseling, and mental health services to help students to fully participate in their education and prepare for life after Ombudsman.

Mental Health Counseling

Ombudsman Chicago High Schools focus on building a caring safe environment that recognizes the importance of our students social and emotional well-being.  We provide our students with Social Emotional and Mental Health supports through counseling that is offered in group and individual sessions from our social workers and contracted mental health counselors.  All students participate in our advisory sessions weekly to address social challenges and have opportunities to build strong coping strategies.  Students have access to mentoring and other leadership groups that can further build the emotional toolkits.

Duel Credit/Enrollment

Ombudsman Chicago High Schools partner with Truman College to offer dual credit courses at our four campuses.  Our courses are taught by our masters level staff and students receive the support of their campus teams.  These courses are offered each semester and allow students to earn college credits while attending high school.  Our current course offerings are in math, business and college readiness.  Additional courses may be added so please see your post-secondary counselor for details.  All students are required to complete the city colleges application to qualify for these courses.  Students can also apply to city colleges for Dual Enrollment opportunities in our courses that are provided at their multiple campuses throughput the city.

Microsoft Education Program

While enrolled at Ombudsman High Schools, students also have the opportunity to take industry recognized courses in the Microsoft suite.  These classes include Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and Power Point.  Students have the option to test for the certification once they successfully complete each course.  These certificates can open doors for our students as they enter college, trades or the workforce.

Career and Technical Education (CTE)

We also work with our students for access to Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses, internships and other work based training programs.  We partner with community organizations at each campus to provide options for our students as they explore and develop their post-secondary plans.

Family/Student Enrollment Inquiries | (312) 806-9022