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Graduation Requirements

We Help You Meet Chicago Public Schools Graduation Requirements

Ombudsman Chicago helps you meet Chicago Public Schools graduation requirements. Our post-secondary counselors and lead staff will review your transcripts and create your Individual Student Success Plan to establish a clear path toward graduation – and beyond.

Find out more about the Career/Post-Secondary Support provided by Ombudsman Chicago.

2022-2023 High School Graduation Requirements

For students who enter Chicago public high schools as Freshman in/after September 2020.
Download the .pdf directly from CPS: English | Español | Polskie
To access this .pdf, you must have a .pdf reader installed on your device. You can download a version suitable for yoursystem, free of charge, from Adobe. Adobe also provides tools and information to help makeAdobe PDF files accessible to users with visual disabilities.

Be Prepared for Life After High School

You’ll graduate from Ombudsman Chicago prepared for life after high school, whether you plan to work, go to college or technical school, or serve in the military. Your Senior Portfolio is an important part of this preparation.

You’ll take a survey about your career interests, learn about careers that interest you, and complete your resume, job applications and cover letters to employers. You’ll also explore college options, research schools, fill out an application for Free Application for Federal Students Aid (FAFSA), and apply for scholarships.

Completing the Senior Portfolio meets a CPS graduation requirement and helps you plan for the future, no matter what your goals.

Senior Portfolio Requirements

Email complete portfolio to:

#1 – Resume – Create in Naviance

  1. Log on at:
  2. Sign in (upper left on the main page)
  3. Select “Student & Family
  4. On the next screen put in the school zip code: 60612
  5. Select – “Ombudsman Chicago – West”
  6. In the Email box – put in your CPS ID number
    Your Password is: 2401Congress (keep this as the password)
  7. Select the “About Me” tab then select “Resume”


#2 – Cover Letter


#3 – Two College applications completed (Minimum) OR One Job Application or proof of current employment

You will receive email confirmation of your applications – forward these to the email above

#4 – FAFSA

Access the FAFSA Online.
Print out or forward the email received that says “Successfully Processed”

#5 – Apply for at least one Scholarship


#6 – Complete the “Career Interest Profiler” on Naviance


#7 – Complete the “Net Price Calculator Survey” on Naviance


#8 – Power Point Presentation

Be creative! You are not limited to the slides listed below, this is the minimum required. All power points to be done in Google Presentation

  • Slide 1 – Title Page
    • Name, date, school and title of project (i.e. Career Study / Senior Project)
  • Slide 2 – Tell me about yourself
    • What brought you to Ombudsman Chicago
    • What are your strengths?
    • What hobbies and interests do you have?
  • Slide 3 – What does earning a diploma mean to you? Will your life be different now that you have a H.S. Diploma?
  • Slide 4 – Describe the career you want to pursue. You can use the information from the Career Research project, or refer to the following websites to find the required information: O*NET Online & the Bureau of Labor Statistics
    • What type of education do you need to pursue your career of choice?
    • Are there multiple career paths (i.e. nurses can specialize, teachers work with specific age groups, welders can work in specialized areas or with certain materials)
    • What is the average salary you will earn?
    • What training does the career require (i.e. certificate program, 2 year degree, 4 year degree or more)
  • Slide 5 – Research one university, college, trade school or Military branch program you would plan to attend. Use Naviance, BigFuture, or other online resources to answer the following questions:
    • Why would you like to attend a particular school or program? Describe the school:
      • Where is the school located (city, state, rural setting or urban setting)
      • Are there extra-curricular activities offered in which you will participate?
      • What is the graduation rate?
    • Where will you live (Home, Dorms, Fraternity or Sorority, off campus)
    • What is the length of the program (in years or credits)?
    • Do you plan to work full or part-time while attending school?
  • Slide 6 – In what ways did Ombudsman Chicago help you succeed?
    Name three benefits of attending Ombudsman Chicago?

    • How did teachers, administration and other staff members support you?
    • What are your suggestions for how we can improve our program?
  • Slide 7 – Conclusion: You’re a High School Graduate – What’s next?
    State each goal as a S.M.A.R.T. Goal: An example of a goal might be: “I will apply to three jobs a week until I have a part-time job.” Or “By March 3rd, I will make an appointment with an academic advisor at Malcolm X College.”

    • 3 Month Goal
    • 6 Month Goal


Graduate Surveys (online)


Do you have the following?

  1. State ID __ Yes __ No
  2. Your birth certificate __ Yes __ No
  3. A social security card __ Yes __ No

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