Finding Where I Belong and Helping My Peers do the Same

By Leslie C., Class of 2022 Senior at Ombudsman South – as featured on the Chicago Public Schools Blog It might not seem like a lot, but one of my proudest accomplishments over the past year was helping to create my school’s “meme wall,” a collage of various memes that relate to homework, tests, and

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Celebrating Women Empowerment

Students Celebrate Women Empowerment (Chicago)

Students and faculty came together to celebrate Women’s Empowerment at Ombudsman Chicago by paying homage to influential women history makers and recognizing their notable contributions. Ombudsman students created wall murals and collages to share their own perspectives on the significance of Women in History. The students highlighted women leaders who have inspired them, including those

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Imani Tiney Black History Month

Ombudsman Helps Empower Today’s Youth (Chicago)

As Women’s History Month ends, Ombudsman Chicago continues to help inspire the next generation of African American leaders, especially young women. Ombudsman students like Imani Tiney and Monica Watson are carrying the torch and leading by example for other youth. A CPS Options School Program, Ombudsman Chicago specializes in offering out-of-school and off-track teens a

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Become your dream

Operation Graduation 2015: Destiny Wright (Chicago)

Determination to overcome life’s obstacles is echoed by 20-year-old West Side native, Destiny Wright. When Destiny came to Ombudsman in September 2014, she had only 4.5 of the 24 credits needed to earn a CPS high school diploma. Losing her father and two other family members within a very short time frame was more than

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Be brave

Operation Graduation 2015: Elijah Hamilton (Chicago)

For many Ombudsman students, the journey to receiving their diploma has been complicated. West Side native, 18-year-old Elijah Hamilton, stopped going to school twice and attributes a large portion of his success in overcoming life’s obstacles to the support system he found at Ombudsman. “I initially dropped out because I was tired of all the

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