IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: For the remainder of the school year, students may choose whether they want to continue with virtual learning, or move to an in-person learning option. For students wanting to begin an in-person schedule, please contact your campus for a selection form.

Welcome to Chicago West!

Ombudsman Chicago West is a multi-cultural CPS alternative options school whose primary focus is dedicated to the, academic, social, and personal growth of each student, centered on the values of servant leadership.

Centrally located in the Tri-Taylor neighborhood, Ombudsman Chicago West welcomes learners who span a diverse cultural spectrum. The staff of Ombudsman Chicago West prepares students for real-world living and continuing education equipped with an advanced level of cooperative learning, problem-solving and thinking skills.

Ombudsman Chicago West serves a diverse population of learners including those students who are credit deficient, on track to graduate, and even those who want to graduate early with a Chicago diploma. Our dynamic teachers offer a wide range of opportunities for students to achieve success including computer-based and in-person course offerings, one-on-one personal attention, and co-operative and group learning sessions.

As of April 19, 2021, we are offering in-person learning options. Please click to read the REOPENING LETTER from the West Principal.


There are no upcoming events at this time.