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Letter from the Principal

Dear Parents/Guardians, Students, and Community Partners,

Welcome to Ombudsman Chicago West, home of the mighty lions! We are the “pride” of the west side, on the prowl for academic success. At Ombudsman-West, we believe that ALL students can achieve great strides in academic growth, social/emotional development, and post-secondary career planning. Our school is comprised of a group of dedicated faculty and staff that are committed to providing a safe, caring, and academically rigorous environment for all students served. Diversity is celebrated in our school, and we aim to provide meaningful experiences to spark new passions for learning.

As the principal of Ombudsman Chicago West, it is my distinct honor and pleasure to serve the needs of students and families in our community. I am very passionate about the forward direction of our school and the positive results that we will yield towards the successful outcomes for our students. Parental involvement is an essential wind that can move our ship forward on this journey of a new school year. I strongly encourage our parents to visit our school, maintain an open line of communication with our faculty/staff, and participate in all activities that we will have planned for the 2023-2024 school year. We welcome your suggestions on ways to improve our school and feedback on things that are effective for your children/families.

We offer a variety of academic and enrichment-based programming at our school. From after-school tutoring to clubs and fields trips, we want all students and parents to be involved in all available services of interest. We will circulate a campus newsletter to keep all students and families informed of important dates to remember (report card pick-up, parent/teacher conferences, testing dates, etc.) and upcoming events. Together, we can move our students one step closer to the finish line of graduation!

I look forward to all the great things that we will accomplish together as a community! Reach out to me at any time with questions or innovative ideas. You are a valued member of our Ombudsman West family! Thank you for choosing us! Wishing prosperous blessings to all!



Cortelius Holmes


Ombudsman Chicago West

Family/Student Enrollment Inquiries | West (312) 243-1550