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Ombudsman Chicago offers three locations to serve students in morning, afternoon and evening sessions, where students receive academic, career/college and social/emotional supports. Through partnerships with community organizations, students at Ombudsman Chicago have access to tutoring, job readiness training, job placement, mentoring, extra-curricular activities, counseling and mental health services. This comprehensive approach ensures our students have what they need to be successful now and in the future.

Ombudsman Chicago is participating in a pilot program with Chicago Public Schools and City Colleges of Chicago to offer students career certification training programs to prepare students for careers that pay more than minimum wage after graduation. Partnerships with St. Augustine College, City Colleges of Chicago and other local colleges and universities allow students to earn college credit while they’re in high school. One-hundred percent of Ombudsman graduates are accepted to St. Augustine College and have the opportunity to earn scholarships.

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Students say Ombudsman Chicago “feels like home.” They find it easier to focus in a learning community where there’s no drama or distraction – and where there’s plenty of motivation. Ombudsman Chicago operates three campuses in Chicago, and you can enroll in any location that’s convenient for you.

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Three individuals celebrating an Ombudsman Chicago graduation - a mother, an Ombudsman Chicago staff member, and an Ombudsman Chicago student holding his diploma


No matter what kind of family structure surrounds a student — two parent household, single parent household, parenting teens, a grandparent who is head of the household — Ombudsman Chicago works with each student and his or her family to ensure success. Ombudsman Chicago offers families the opportunity to engage in their students’ education through events, parent meetings and services to support our families.

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Ombudsman Chicago’s staff have a special passion for working with students who are at risk, and they love knowing they make a real difference in the lives of young people who may not otherwise graduate from high school. Our certified teachers, counselors, social workers and support staff have a true career path, with opportunities to learn, grow and advance professionally.

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Five Ombudsman Chicago Grads Receive College Scholarships
Five members of Ombudsman Chicago’s class of 2017 earned $221,000 in college scholarships ranging from $2,500 to $80,000 and were recognized at Ombudsman’s graduation June 16th.
Image is of two female students in their cap and gown at graduation holding up a paper frame that says "Ombudsman Graduation #ChiDiploma2017".
Students Discover Careers in Communications
Students from Ombudsman Chicago’s South and West campuses recently had an opportunity to step outside of the classroom and into the boardroom to get some real-world career experience.

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Inspiring the Next Generation: Why Mentoring Students Matters
By Defender Guest Columnist, Johnell Williams
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