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Ombudsman Chicago Alternative High Schools

Ombudsman Chicago offers students who have dropped out of Chicago Public Schools, or just need a fresh start to get back on track, another option to earn a high school diploma.

CPS Alternative High School Diploma

Since opening as a member of the Chicago Options School Programs in 2013, more than 8,140 students have attended Ombudsman Chicago and nearly 900 have graduated with a CPS diploma. The average one-year graduation rate for the past two years is 84 percent.

Classes are taught by caring, certified teachers. Students participate in blended learning through large and small group instruction, one-on-one support and computer assisted instruction. All components of the learning model are required for students to complete their courses. Students are supported by counselors, social workers and others who can help them reach their full potential. Students can enroll in any location, and tuition is FREE so there’s no cost to attend.

Students say Ombudsman Chicago “feels like home” and it’s easier to focus in a learning community where there’s no drama or distraction – and where there’s plenty of motivation.

Ombudsman Chicago Gives Students A Chance To Meet High School Goals

Ombudsman Chicago, CPS, and the communities we serve give students a second chance to meet their high school goals, and make positive choices about college, a career – about life – after high school.

Ombudsman Chicago is a company of ChanceLight Education, the nation’s leading provider of alternative and special education solutions for children and young adults. Ombudsman Chicago is accredited by Cognia, an international education accrediting organization.

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